DMJX-1200/1500 Vertical automatic continuously foaming machine
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DMJX-1200/1500 Vertical automatic continuously foaming machine

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DMJX-1200/1500 Vertical automatic continuously foaming machine

Our foaming production line equipment is applicable for producing felexible Polyurethane sponge in the density of 6kg/m3 to 40kg/m3. Our equipment adopts advanced automatic operating system, the man-machine interface control makes it more flexible. Users can store various formulations and can also adjust the formulation at any time.You can monitor the production process through the internet as well which makes the control of cost more scientific and effective. 

The sponge application of vertical foaming machine: cushion compound sponge, sneakers compound, carpet compound sponge, luggage sponge, backpacks sponge, packing sponge, car roof compound sponge, microphone and some other related sponge products.

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